The Grey Highlands Artists' Collective, GHAC, was formed in 2008. The collective is headed by Melanie Earle, Carol Wood and Shauna Earle. Each show invites artists to participate in putting on the show. Functioning like a gallery we have a curatorial policy that focuses on issues and ideas that interest us as artists. By presenting exhibitions in different communities and settings we invite the gallery audience to experience dynamic, fresh and challenging artists, shows, and events, while at the same time raising consciousness and awareness about the artistic process. As well we are focused on giving opportunities to emerging and established artists to show their work under an 'idea umbrella'.
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  Shows to date
"Autopoiesis:Self Creation", 2009, Meaford Hall, Meaford ON.
"Raising Shakti,Restoring Balance",
2010, Flesherton Art Gallery, Flesherton ON.
"Eat Me,Drink Me,Love Me; Art About Food",
2012,various Flesherton venues.
"The Wayfaring Artist"
, 2014, Santa Fe Gallery, Owen Sound, ON.
"Portraits Now, The Image Within"
, 2015, Roxy Theatre,Owen Sound, ON.
"A Different Kettle of Fish: a visual exploration of sayings",
2016, Meaford Hall
"Sacred Spaces: Altars by Artists"
, 2017, L.E.Shore Library, Thornbury ON.
"Abundance and Scarcity", 2018, Durham Art Gallery, Durham ON.

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