Artist Statements + Press Release- "Abundance and Scarcity"

"Abundance and Scarcity"

Carol Binns-Wood, Melanie Earle and Shauna Earle have invited guest artists’, Jennifer Clark, Cindy Norton, and Steven White to participate in this show.

“Abundance and Scarcity“
“Today we are surrounded by excess on one hand and scarcity on the other. The natural world finds balance between scarcity and abundance like a pendulum swinging from one side to the next to rest temporarily in the middle only to start the process over again. This balance is disrupted by the footprint of the human race as we become the most dominant species on the planet, devouring everything we come in contact with.
In this show artists will explore what abundance and scarcity mean to them; as a personal metaphor, as an examination of excess and shortage on a global scale, or by choosing materials that for them relate to the theme of excess and scarcity, such as repurposed or found objects.”GHAC

Press release:
Abundance & Scarcity
The Durham Art Gallery, Durham ON.
November 16 - January 6, 2019
Opening Reception: Saturday November 17th, 2-4pm

 Artists Statements

Melanie Earle
“Polarity” speaks of opposition – our human world of created landscapes- cities, agriculture, parks, - and the ‘wild’ untamed world. As our world expands, the other is diminishing. The symbol of the north, the polar bear and the melting icepack are this sad reality. The question remains…as we continue to flourish as a species will we continue to use up everything that sustains all life on earth."

Carol Binns Wood
"When thinking of the theme of scarcity and abundance, I am struck by how much abundance there is in the world alongside such scarcity. The wealth of the planet is so inequitably shared among all its inhabitants. Some are born to plenty and never question that birthright. The fluke of their fortunate birth, being “born with a silver spoon in their mouth “is a given. Others are always reaching and struggling to be fed and sustained. The silver spoons are from the vast collection of silver that I packed up from my father’s house when he passed this year. These precious objects remind me that my birthright / right birth, being born in this bountiful place to a middle class family is not truly a right, but damn good fortune for which I should be profoundly grateful."

Shauna Earle
"My encaustic paintings emerged as I explored the theme of climate change- the actions and results of our activity on the earth.  As we race for the massive stores of oil in the melting arctic, as we destroy and deplete natural habitats like the forests, the delicate balance between species, like the woodland caribou (reindeer), the wolf and moose are destroyed, often resulting in forced migration and many other problems.   Will we be able to reset our priorities in time before nature’s balancing act is permanently disrupted and the pendulum is unmoving?"

Jennifer Clark
"Abundance and Scarcity for me is a balancing which is currently weighted heavily on the side of abundance. An expansive life force which can run to excess to the point of decay and strife in certain circumstances. We are living in times of abundance here in the West in terms of access to information, technology and resources, yet seem to be consumed by power mongering, fear and materialism. I turned instead to seek the elemental world to explore these forces of growth and contraction. What began as seed forms became in the end the expression of climate change through the elements of fire and water during this season of massive forest fires and hurricanes."

Cindy Norton
"These mixed media kinetic structures provide a visual commentary on the difficult relationship between the industrial world and the environment. In these constructions there is a juxtaposition between parts that are manufactured and those that are formed naturally. The modern world’s obsession to create an “abundance” has inadvertently resulted in environmental degradation. Everything from fish farms and the problems associated with them, to insecticides and their role in the colony collapse of bees, has contributed to the continued deterioration of the environment. This perpetual depletion will inevitably result in a “scarcity” of resources. The subject matter of many of the pieces presented are of endangered species, species at risk and those made vulnerable by the actions of human beings. Through the arrangement of and subsequent movement of these structures, I have given new life to discarded items and found “treasures.” 

Steven White
“Whether you go up the ladder or down it,
your position is shaky.
When you stand with your two feet on the ground,
you will always keep your balance”

-Tao Te Ching, translated by Stephen Mitchell

'The piece I have created is an abstract form that is suggestive of a spiral staircase.  When the viewer encounters the piece, proximity sensors switch on a motor that spins it the staircase for a short period of time. The direction that it spins is determined randomly, so the viewer may have the sensation of it moving upwards or downwards. The random nature of the direction is a metaphor for the waves of abundance or scarcity that we all experience; sometimes we are flush and sometimes things are stagnant. The centre post in the sculpture, although spinning, does not appear to move upwards or downwards. As the above quote describes, if we become too attached to outcomes, good or bad, we have a shaky position in life, yet if we are centered, we have ultimate stability. After all, it is our perception that makes the staircase appear to be ascending or descending, just as it is our perception that often determines how we interpret the details of our lives."