Artist Statements + Press Release- 'Autopoiesis-Self Creation'

Autopoiesis - Self Creation
autopoeisis poster
During the 1960’s, Lynn Margulis, a biologist and university professor at the University of Massachusetts and the NASA scientist, Dr. James Lovelock, developed a new ecological hypothesis; they stated that living and non-living parts of the earth are a complex interacting system that can be thought of as a single organism.  They referred to the earth as Gaia – the Greek goddess of creation.  Gaia is everything created, including us.  As artists we are driven to re-create and discover ourselves through the process of artmaking, thereby revealing our creative nature – our Gaia nature.
Inspired by the mystery inherent in the natural world, we expect to discover and celebrate Gaia through our imagery, materials and process.
The participating artists are; Carol Binns Wood, Fran Bouwman, Melanie Earle, Robin Grebski, with guest artists, Julia White, and Michelle McGauchie

Press release : Art exhibition/ Autopoeisis:self-creation May 9th – May 31st
The Meaford Hall Arts & Cultural Centre 1-12 Nelson St. E. Meaford, ON  N4L 1N6  (519) 538-0463 
opening reception: May 9th from 7:00-10:00 pm

A brand new artists’ group, called the Grey Highlands Artists Circle (GHAC), is putting on their first group show to be held at The Meaford Hall Arts & Cultural Centre, on May 9th 2009 running until May 31st, 2009. 

The members of the GHAC are, Fran Bouwman, Carol Binns-Wood, Melanie Earle & Robin Grebski.  Guest artists are Julia White and Michelle McGauchie. 
The show is called Autopoeisis: Self-creation and it explores the idea of Gaia and creation.  Each artist is inspired by the natural world and their artistic process is actualized through the use of imagery, dynamic subject matter, diverse materials and unique methodologies.

Carol Binns-Wood has created a series of images with oil stick on board. These are figure studies, not only full figure, but close-ups of body parts. They tell the story of woman making herself from the earth itself, merging this fundamental link. “ From the earth, I make myself, one handful at a time…”

Fran Bouwman is creating a series of female sculptures that challenge stereotypical Mother Earth figures. 

Melanie Earle is showing two large canvases and clay/mixed media sculpture that explores the wonder of the natural world and its mystery.

Michelle McGauchie, having recently returned from India, creatively enters Grandmother Earth through the granules of sacred ash, blood red poppy and the hypnotic gaze of Elephant.  Her fascinating oil paintings reflect interacting organisms that delight in silent communication with one another.

Robin Grebski, a mixed media artist, is using natural local materials such as fibre, beeswax and wood to investigate a conscious ecosystem.

Julia White explores the idea of bringing to light what is hidden. In her Root Sculptures, roots and limbs wrapped in yarn speak to how we nourish our deep selves, as well as to how these threads hold our world, and us together.

Meet the artists, view some art and find out more about this exciting new group, at the opening reception to be held on Saturday May 9th, from 7:00 – 10:00 pm