Artist Statements + Press Release- 'Eat Me, Drink Me, Love Me'

Eat Me Drink Me Love Me -Art About Food:
This show of artwork is about food, on exhibit in food establishments in the village of Flesherton. The title of the show-”Eat Me Drink Me Love Me” reflects the theme that food is far more than nourishment. The foods and meals of our lives are thoroughly interwoven with our personal experiences. Food can be political, food can be nurturing, food can be inspirational, and food can become a battle ground. What better setting for these food themed artworks than the fine food establishments of Flesherton, a hub of food and art. GHAC
The participating artists are; Carol Binns-Wood, Melanie Earle, Robin Grebski, and Shauna Earle.  Guest artists are Carolynn Bloomer and Vera Dernovsek

Press release:
an art exhibit in Flesherton food establishments
JUNE 2- JULY 1, 2012

The Grey Highlands Artists Circle (GHAC), is putting on their third collaborative show at Village Greens Café, Leslieville Cheese Shop, Peasemarsh Farms, The Bakery, The Garden Gate and Danielles’ Fine Foods starting on June 2nd and running until July 1st, 2012.  The above establishments will be offering samples for sale at opening.

Carol Binns Wood
This body of work represents my own personal food groups -the foods that I regard as the most essential in my diet and life. They are -fruit, tea, wine, bread, water, food cooked by someone else and my mother’s recipes. Although food may be regarded as simply nourishment, it often crosses over into emotional territory. My pieces are presented as altars to communicate the special status we confer on food, its’ consumption and traditions.

Melanie Earle
In exploring the broad topic of food, I have juxtaposed images with words, or a title that plays on common sayings, while others deal with social issues around food.

Robin Grebski
I enjoyed the tactile experience of creating art about food using actual food products. In using the traditional techniques of egg tempera and encaustic I explore the concept of food in antiquity compared with modern food .

Shauna Earle
Shauna’s work pays homage to her ancestors’ culinary traditions, using images from the family kitchen on bread boards and the encaustic painting process.

Carolynn Bloomer
My assemblages incorporate old tin toy dishes, and parts of printed food cans with other found objects. Some of them have porcelain elements that I have imprinted with expressions relating to domesticity, or sculpted to resemble food. I paint the wooden box frames to create an ambience for these arrangements.

Vera Dernovsek
Fruits and vegetables provide the models of sensual pleasures which I hope one feels in my paintings. As if the grand visual and culinary pleasure they provide emanates through and through and I actually taste them while I arrange them in still-life and paint them. The vital quality I am reaching for in the depiction is not far from the vital quality I am after when doing a portrait. In that respect, the fruits and veggies in my paintings are portraits. Of course, they have this sex symbolism, which I relish.

Participating Food Establishments

Village Greens Cafe
774310 Hwy. 10 North, Flesherton, ON
16 Toronto St. Flesherton, ON
6 Syndenham St. Flesherton, ON
10 Syndenham St. Flesherton, ON
10 Syndenham St. Flesherton, ON
88 Collingwood St. Flesherton, ON

If you would like to meet the artists, view some art and find out more about this exciting group, please join us for the opening reception on June 2nd from 7-10 pm.

Details for “Eat Me Drink Me Love Me”
Opening reception Saturday June 2nd, 7-10 pm at Village Greens Cafe
Show runs from June 2nd – July 1st, 2012
Held at Leslieville Cheese Shop, Peasemarsh Farms, The Bakery,
The Garden Gate, Danielle’s Fine Foods, Village Greens Café, in Flesherton, Ontario