Artist Statements + Press Release- 'Portraits Now'

Portraits Now - The Image Within:
The art of portraiture has traditionally been understood as the representation of a person, in which the face and its expression is predominant;the intent was to display the likeness, personality and often the social status of the subject. In this show, the artists explore personal and contemporary interpretations of their subjects, and often explore more of an inner landscape than an outer likeness. The tradition of portraiture has shifted in this age of instant freely accessed and shared digital images and yet the creative desire to bring personalities to life in art persists. GHAC
The participating artists are; Carol Binns-Wood, Melanie Earle, and Shauna Earle.  Guest artists are Catherine Carmichael, Delia Eastwood and Shane West.

portraits-now-poster-final.jpgPress release: Art exhibition                           
Portraits Now – The Image Within
The Griffin Gallery @ The Roxy Theatre
291 9th Street East, Owen Sound, On. 519-371-2833
Show runs from Monday May 25th - Tuesday June 30th, 2015
Opening Reception: Thursday May 28th, 5-7 pm



Shauna Earle
Shauna Earle uses the encaustic painting process to explore the transitory nature of facial gestures and expressions, through colour, line and textures. 

Catherine Carmichael
This series of paintings ‘Girl with Object’ has emerged from a childhood memory. When I was about four years old I found a can of red paint in the basement and used it to paint a kitchen stove which was in storage. These self-portraits are investigations into that childhood memory.

Carol Binns-Wood
These portraits are created to honour an important essence of the subjects and their relationship to the artist. Their altar like quality gives reverence to this artist’s observation.

Shane West
Obviously, these paintings aren’t depictions of specific individuals, but rather mask –like heads characterized by repeated re-workings over various intervals of time.

Melanie Earle
When exploring the vast topic of ‘portraiture’, I chose images from family photos that reflect another time. In contrast to our present day ability to instantly access images, the old photos were posed and formal, in black and white and their subjects for the most part very solemn. In a similar way they speak to a newness as well, (portrait) photography in the 1920’s and 30’s was still novel, not to mention the ‘newness’ of the subject matter; their recent arrival to the new country. This series of pastel drawings I have entitled, “Kin and Next of Kin”.

Delia Eastwood
The non-realistic portraits, indulged in here, are concerned with memory, consciousness and self.  My work is specific to me, my own memories and my own consciousness. Everything I make is ultimately a self-portrait.