Artist Statements + Press Release- 'Raising Shakti, Restoring Balance'

Raising Shakti - Restoring Balance
“There is a subtle hidden energy that is often overlooked and lies within the psyche of men and women.  It is found in the essence of our being, and its traits are often attributed to the gentler, more humane side of us - like care, respect, patience, loyalty, love, empathy, and compassion.   Artists are often in touch with this wisdom that comes as inspiration or intuition while creating.  The power received from this energy restores balance between facts, feeling, intellect / intuition, reason / realism. In Indian mythology, shakti stands for power, force, feminine energy and the fundamental creative instinct that energizes the universe. On the earthly plane, shakti energy manifests itself in acts of creation.The goal is to raise shakti, while exploring and identifying the nature of this ‘other’ aspect of reality, reinstating balance and understanding.” - GHAC
The participating artists are; Fran Bouwman, Carol Binns-Wood, Melanie Earle, Robin Grebski.Guest artists are Harold Klunder, Alan Glicksman.

Press release
Art exhibition  Raising shakti-Restoring Balance
@The Flesherton Art Gallery
22 Collingwood Street, Flesherton, ON 519-924-3560
Opening Reception: Friday, July 2nd, 7-10 pm
Show runs to August 1st, 2010

Harold Klunder
I tend to aim intuitively towards trying to restore balance, a Libra thing maybe.  In a way all the work I do is about seeking inner peace, searching for equilibrium, either maintaining balance or attempting to restore balance.
Making something, something not seen before, feeling refreshed and exhausted at the same time.
Essentially I work to please myself, and at the same time hope that others will react to something in the work too.

Alan Glicksman
Alan Glicksman is a Canadian artist who explodes with surges of emotional energy. Glicksman brings freshness to the art he creates. His is a primal vitality; alive,agitated from within. When we witness his moments of creation, we see nature as it is.

Robin Grebski
By becoming a passive recipient I allow the subtle, hidden energy from the void to guide my hand, creating abstracted shapes in plaster and beeswax. For this exhibit I hope to show what forms can be revealed from chaos.

Fran Bouwman
My intention is to perform a movement piece that reveals the force of shakti during the creative process. 

Melanie Earle
My work for this show taps into the ‘stream of consciousness’. I have used existing images and have attempted to freely associate them with other images or words of my making without over rationalizing the outcome, creating collage on paper.

Carol Binns-Wood
Carol Binns-Wood uses many different media and approaches to convey the themes that she tries to communicate with her work.  In this show she is trying something entirely new. Carol and Alan Glicksman have been co-creating a series of images by passing an emerging image back and forth. The pictures are created with each adding onto what they have received. This process allows for a fresh reaction to what is on the page, and a release from the ego of making one's own piece as one envisions it. In this way, we hope to achieve a balanced and dynamic body of work that will stretch the boundaries of our individual visual scripts and limitations.

If you would like to meet the artists, view some art and find out more about this exciting new group, please join us for the opening reception on July 2nd from 7-10 pm