Artist Statements + Press Release- 'The Wayfaring Artist'

The Wayfaring Artist – Discovering our own Path
 “You enter the forest at the darkest point, where there is no path....If you follow someone else’s way, you are not going to realize your potential.”
–Joseph Campbell

“We each find our way by exploring. The artist is the wayfarer, exploring and discovering across space and time in an attempt to make art in new ways. Always restless to create new relationships between things, we reinvent and reaffirm our own understanding of our selves. Travel and Place have often been the inspiration for many artists throughout time. Physical travel creates the awareness that we are a part of a larger whole, rather than the whole part of an experience. The new experiences and environments that we discover not only reveal the world to us, but inevitably lead to self awareness as we place ourselves and our perceptions into these different backdrops. This exhibition displays our finds.” GHAC
The participating members are; Carol Binns-Wood, Melanie Earle, Shauna Earle. Guest artist is Susette Godin.

Press release:
“The Wayfaring Artist – Discovering our own Path”
Friday May 23 - June 13, 2014 opening reception Saturday May 24, 2-4 p.m. 
828 3rd Ave. East, Owen Sound

The Grey Highlands Artists Circle (GHAC) is putting on their fourth collaborative show to be held at the SANTA FE GALLERY, 828 3rd Ave. East, Owen Sound. The show runs from Friday May 23 to June 13, 2014, with the opening reception to be held on Saturday May 24, from 2 – 4 p.m. Gallery hours are Monday - Friday  9 - 5, Saturday 9 - 12, or by appointment 519 793 4758.  The members of the GHAC are Carol Binns-Wood, Melanie Earle, and Shauna Earle.  Guest artist is Susette Godin.


Melanie Earle
The direction I chose to take with this show is the idea of wayfaring as the process of wandering on foot and discovering.  The repetition of my daily excursions around Grey County where I live, seemed at first mundane, but on closer examination it became a place where there was as much to see and be discovered as I wanted. In contrast to the experience of an exotic locale to inform the work, I found that the world was revealed right here where I live. 

Shauna Earle
In this series, I became interested in how time becomes circular (rather than linear) when a sudden movement, a sound, a certain alert to the senses, connects a memory of a place or event with the present moment in a powerful way.   I worked on each piece by layering, revealing and concealing, to reflect my exploration of this idea.  Each piece is like a waymarker, showing the route of my creative process. 

Carol Binns Wood
These paintings are a record of a journey I took in Central America this winter. As artists, we are always on trips of discovery, following the paths of our curiosity. I chronicled the pathways of my trip on the maps that I collected in the region, the maps we used to chart our real life expedition.  

Susette Godin
Ordinary, everyday experiences become hyper-real and more vivid when traveling. Colour has always been a fundamental element in my work and nothing is more vibrant in sunny Mexico than colour. The combination of my personal love of colour and traveling in Mexico is intoxicating. The Mexican landscape and the energetic city of Oaxaca inspire me to paint. Smaller, acrylic pieces travel well. The discipline of keeping my work compact and portable alters how I paint. Exploring new places and cultures, and documenting these experiences in paint, is compelling and stimulating.